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Providing direct services to you, wherever you may be

Calm Sea


It may be difficult for you to make it in to a therapist's office. Traffic, childcare, distance, work schedules, all take from our limited time in the day. Due to these realities I began offering videoconference based therapy. I did my dissertation on online therapy and have earned credentialing as an advanced telehealth practitioner utilizing best practices in the field. Even better, telehealth services have proven to be just as effective as in office services. I use secure, HIPAA compliant programs to provide these services directly to you. I have served couples who couldn't come to my office due to lack of childcare, busy professionals who could only meet during lunch from their offices, and people in rural parts of the state who do not have access to needed services. Don't let your current circumstances hold you back from the help you need. Contact me and let's discuss if telehealth is right for you.

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