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My youtube channel "Learning to Let Go" can be found here:


Finger Traps and Openness

I discuss the Learning to Let Go series component of Openness through the finger trap metaphor

Lessons from Performing my Ted Talk

I discuss two major lessons from my Learning to Let Go process that I had to use when I was doing my Ted talk.

The Poison Arrow

I discuss the "poison arrow" parable from Buddhism and how it applies to the problems we have in our lives

The Opposite of Anxiety is Risk

I discuss how the opposite of anxiety is not peace or calm, it is actually risk. People who develop increased tolerance for risk are more...

The Learning to Let Go Process

I discuss an overview of my "Learning to Let Go Process" and its three steps to dealing with life.

Values vs. Goals

My thoughts on the difference between values and goals and why knowing our values is critical to living life.

Defusion and Stemming

I discuss how to "stem" my thoughts and feelings by looking at them and assessing usefulness.

Do you want $20????

I discuss the concept of self worth/esteem and how its difficult to see our own worth even when others can see it.

Hedgehogs and Intimacy????

I discuss how the "Hedgehog's Dilemma" from philosophy related to human issues of intimacy that I see in my therapy practice.

The Why Trap

I discussed how focusing on "why" things happened in our lived prevents us from successfully moving forward.

Needs in Relationships

I discuss the importance of knowing and communicating needs in relationships. Needs derive from values in ACT and lots of problems arise...

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